A piece of history

History is one of our ancestors.It carries us through our past by remembering the facts both touching and tragic. In 1759, Côte -de- Beaupré is the prey of Wolf’s British troops. Important battles will take place and hundreds of homes occupied by residents will be ravaged by fires. The ancestral home of the Hotel will be completely destroyed. Only some parts of the foundation stone will be recovered. This is the portion of the current Bistro-bar. Time to collect the defeat , the people of Côte take many years to rebuild what the English had destroyed. A full century then runs almost silent .

Everything we know about this period is that a new house was built in the late 19th century on the foundations of the house in 1759. It is in 1913 that the building’s history is back with the installation of the family of Joseph Sylvain in the house. From his blood where born 10 childrens who occupy the residence for over 30 years. In 1949, the family leaves the house to make room for a young family, that of Jos Fortin. With his two daughters and his son , Mr. Fortin Fortin founded the Dairy witch still exists today.

In 1986, the people of Quebec, the Roy family, as owner at the time the table of Roy in the Îles de la Madeleine , bought the house to make an excellent fine dining restaurant . It was at this time that the restaurant will be called The crowberry . It was also at this time that the current 31 rooms were added to the restaurant. After this period, many owner-operators (Mr. Flemming, Mr. Villeneuve, Mr. Lamothe) have combined their efforts to keep the hotel and its good table in excellent condition.

Since that time, our story continues and you are now part of it… With your new hosts, Annie Michaud and Sylvain Fortin, the whole team is happy to serve you .

Annie and Sylvain